Buyer FAQs

Q: How do I buy from another member?

A: All transactions are completed separate of Deadstock District (DSD). DSD simply brings the two parties together and provides a connection for a possible transaction.


Q: How do I know if the shoes are authentic?

A: Although we strive to only showcase authentic shoes, it is impossible for DSD to monitor the authenticity of all products listed on our site. Authenticating shoes is up to the buyer and DSD does not assume any responsibility for misrepresentation of any products listed on our site (please see our Terms and Conditions Page for more details).


Q: Is it safe for me to pay a seller before I see or receive my merchandise?

A: DSD does not have a payment gateway for users to make or receive payments. We would recommend that all transactions take place in person or at least the merchandise is verified before payment is made. Discretion is the sole responsibility of the buyer.


Q: Do I need a premium membership to be a buyer on DSD?

A: No. A premium membership is required to list any shoes on DSD. Keep in mind that if you only sell one pair of shoes per month, the $10 membership fee is far less than the fees taken from other sites.


Q: What are my options if I have an issue with a seller?

A: At DSD, we strive to make every experience a pleasurable one. There are situations beyond our control, but we will work very hard to remedy all member relations issues as promptly and fairly as possible. If you have an issue with a member, please email contact@deadstockdistrict.com and our team will work with you and the member to resolve the issue



Seller FAQs

Q: How many items can I list for sale at one time?

A: With a “Premium” subscription, sellers can post as many items as they would like?


Q: How do I reach buyers on DSD?

A: Posting your shoes for sale is the first step. Our system will showcase your products to our members; however, you will want to market your DSD page to your network from other social networking sites. This will help to maximize your reach and create a good following for you on DSD.


Q: Do you offer payment options for my buyers on DSD?

A: Not at this time. This is something that we may look at in the future.


Q: Can I list replicas or “knock-off” brands on DSD?

A: The shoes that you list is up to you; however, our policy states that your shoes must be as described, meaning if you describe authentic shoes and you sell a replica, this is a violation of our policy. If you are selling a replica, make sure that you list it as a replica.


Q: Do you feature top sellers and how can I become a top seller on DSD?

A: Absolutely! We will make sure that our members see listings from all of our top sellers in our featured sections. To become a top seller, it is quite simple…be a top seller. One way to accomplish this is to get your network to join DSD and to let us know that you sold your shoes on DSD.

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