Advertisement Policy


Deadstock District (DSD) and its affiliate companies will allow advertisers to promote their products and/or services on deadstockdistrict.com and affiliate sites from time to time. DSD does not allow the promotion or offering of inappropriate items or services on deadstockdistrict.com (DSD to define inappropriate). This list of inappropriate advertising is not an exhaustive list and may contain additional items:


  • Alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substance products or services
  • Gambling, betting, or games of chance that include cash prizes or items of monetary value
  • Ads that incite violence or hatred
  • Anything that discriminates against an individual or group based on race, religion, disability, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or any other protected class
  • Ads that clearly focus on sexual placement to sell or promote an item or service
  • Anything that depicts human trafficking, abuse, molestation, or any graphic imagery is prohibited on deadstockdistrict.com


It is known that advertising revenue is a major part of any online businesses income; however, deadstockdistrict.com will not put this revenue over the common interest of its members and users. Deadstock District will consider each individual opportunity for advertisements and base its decision on the nature of the ads and the collective user base.



Listing Policy


Each user is solely responsible for their listings (ads) that they place under their profile on Deadstock District (DSD). Photos, videos, descriptions, and any other materials used to depict a user’s item for sale is owned by the user and should not be copied from the internet. If a stock photo is used, it is highly recommended that this be made clear in the description. As always, it is expected that each member of DSD follow the law when posting ads, answering questions from members, posting public or private comments, and interacting with anyone from DSD. Acts of violence, making threats of bodily harm, terroristic threats, hate speech, shaming or degrading, or any other harmful behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. DSD has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy and the member will be suspended from DSD, pending an investigation. DSD, although a community, is not a political or religious forum. DSD follows the Constitution and allows for free speech; however, this does not protect against sharing any graphic images for sadistic pleasure. This behavior is not allowed and the user will be banned from DSD.


All Listings (User Ads) should be exactly as described and should reflect the item for sale. The pictures should match identically and should be exactly the item in question. Is is prohibited to advertise an item and the pictures represent a completely different item. If this happens, an investigation will be launched and, if found to be fraudulent, the member may be banned from DSD. Each listing should be focused on a single item or group of items that are to be sold as a package. It is acceptable to post a single item and list multiple sizes; however, it is recommended to post separate ads for unrelated items.


For a list of our overall policies, please see our Terms and Conditions.


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